Handmade wood turned  Urn

Handmade wood turned Urn

Handmade Custom Urn


Current configuration:


Walnut wood cut into segments and broken into smaller pieces for artistic look.

The Wood is stabilized in the vacuum chamber and then heated in an oven to cure for 24 hours.

Once cured the wood is recast another 24 hours into a second pressure chamber, with resin and the color dye of your choice to form a large solid block.

The wood and resin block is centered on a lathe where it will undergo 11 hours of being turned and sanded, by hand at 1100 RPM.  I will apply 10 coats of finish, sanding between each coat. 

A decorative knob will be added.  Unit takes 2 to 3 weeks to make.


The overall size is 5” ½ inch tall and 4 ½ wide.



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    These are the colors available call for custom.

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